Our Data Policy

1.0 General

  1. We only ask you for data that is relevant to what you are using the site for and what the site does. So, for example we do not need your full address, your age, gender, salary, sexual preference or other personal information about yourself!
  2. Our site uses an internal messaging system that maintains confidentiality of your email address. We will never disclose your email address to a third party. However, you may if you wish divulge this to a third party using the messaging system.

2.0 Data Security

  1. We have attempted to prevent unauthorised access to the site to the best of our capabilities and your password is encrypted when stored on our data base.
  2. We run an annual security review of the site.

3.0 Closing your Account

  1. If you decide to close your account we will:
    1. Delete all your contact data and messages.
    2. Remove all your publicly active posts.
    3. Archive your active and draft posts in a database that is not accessible to third parties.
  2. If your account has been suspended all your data will be maintained, however your active posts will not be made available for third parties to view.
  3. If you have been banned from the site the above actions will also be undertaken; however, your name and email will be held on file to assist us with preventing you from reapplying.

4.0 Abusive Behaviours

  1. We do not monitor service provider reviews or messages being exchanged by users. However, we keep a copy of all messaging traffic and service provider reviews in our data bases.
  2. We rely upon our members to advise us if the messaging or service provider review systems are being abused. This can be done by simply emailing us directly with the details.
  3. If we are notified of such abuse we will investigate. If we determine that a user has been abusive, we will issue an email warning to the user responsible. This warning will advise the user that if there is another occurrence then the user access to the site will be suspended. This warning will be stored on our data base.
  4. If we receive a second notification that the same user has again been abusive, we shall suspend the user’s access to the site for a period of twelve months. During this period, the user’s posts shall be deactivated and all messages associated with the user shall be deleted.

5.0 Data Use

  1. With the exception of user’s names and contact data, all data associated with posts including geographic locations, images, species, dimensions, service capabilities etc will be kept in our archives for an indeterminate period of time irrespective of whether a user maintains an account or not.
  2. We anticipate using the aforementioned data (excluding users contact information) for the following purposes:
    1. To enhance our own existing and future algorithms such as estimating the potential value of timber in a tree.
    2. Providing geographically referenced data to organisations involved with forestry, wildlife or arboriculture.
    3. Users contact data and names will not be divulged to third parties and will be deleted from our archives if the user closes their account.

6.0 Contacting users by email

  1. We may from time to time contact users by email with news associated with the administration of the site.
  2. Unless users deselect the option (see account settings) we will email users whenever a new message has been sent to them. The email will simply flag that there has been a new message and reference the post.
  3. We will not email users with any advertising material or third party offers.


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