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The Small Print – PLEASE READ


  1. SITE – refers to the website with the domain name timbermarket.co.uk
  2. HOST - refers to Dark Forest Workshops Limited, it’s employees and authorised representatives.
  3. USER(s) – refers to Individuals, organisations, companies or other entities that may from time to time use the functions available on this SITE.

In using this SITE USER(s) shall agree to the following:

  1. HOST shall not be held accountable for the accuracy or otherwise of any information provided by USER(s).
  2. To indemnify HOST against any injury, financial or other losses that USER may incur as a consequence of the following:
    1. As a direct or indirect consequence of using this SITE.
    2. Engaging in any transaction with another USER(s) or third party that may have directly or indirectly occurred as a consequence of using this SITE.
    3. Loss of data that has been posted on this SITE.
    4. Theft of data from this SITE.
    5. Technical failure of this SITE.
    6. Cessation of SITE operations.
    7. Changes of SITE functionality.
  3. Acknowledge that data associated with tree age and value can vary substantially. HOST cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of the calculations and USER(s) are encouraged to seek professional advice to verify the data.
  4. The “Our Data Policy” which outlines how USER(s) information is stored, protected and may be utilised by HOST.
  5. To use decorum and politeness when utilising the SITE messaging system or when posting reviews of Service Providers.
  6. To abide by any decision HOST may make as regards 5 above that may result in the suspension or removal of a USER(s) from the SITE as described in “Our Data Policy”.


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